With concern for the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking the necessary precautions to keep our employees, customers and community safe during this pandemic.  We have provided employee training and information regarding COVID-19, and do not allow employees on site if they are experiencing any symptoms.  Our crews are comprised of 10 or less employees in order to adhere to the current CDC recommendations.

We are able to provide re-roofs quotes via a satellite system, and it is not necessary to enter a client's home for this service.  Majority of our services can also be provided without entering the house/attic.  

Currently suppliers remain open and operational, and we have been in contact with all major suppliers for updates regarding any closures and material availability.  Closures are not anticipated at this time, as suppliers drop materials directly.  Permitting offices also remain open, and we utilize online permitting systems.  

Our commitment is to continue providing services to our clients, while ensuring that we are promoting and adhering to safe health practices.  Thank you for being a valued customer.  Stay safe and be well.

Kristen Maldonado, President 

Registered Nurse