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How to Select a Roofer 

The Roofing Brothers gives you the results you expect from a roofing contractor, a quality roofing system at a fair price. However, not all contractors are the same. The following guide will aide you in selecting a professional.

  1. Always ask the contractor for proof of insurance. Make sure that is specifically states the insurance is for roofing. Many contractors have general contracting insurance and are not covered for roofing. If a contractor is not properly insured, you may be held liable for any accidents that may occur on your property.

  2. Beware of low bidders. If the price sound too good to be true, it probably is.  Many contractors are not properly insured, do not pay taxes, or perform substandard work.  Price is only one factor when determining the right roofing contractor.  Quality workmanship, experience and professionalism should also be key factors.

  3. Read the quotes and contracts very carefully. If you do not understand something, have them explain it to you.  Many contractors add provisions to a contract or a quote that may cost you extra in the end.

  4. Insist on a detailed written contract. This should include any warranties, approximated start and finish dates, and payment procedures.

  5. Have the contractor explain to you their project supervision and any quality control measures. This ensures that the job is going to be supervised properly to prevent any errors from being made.

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