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Need to select a type of gutter for your home? There are many options to choose from, so let’s get started! First there are the choice of copper gutters. The good part about copper is that it never rusts or needs painting, however the bad part is that they are very expensive. They do oxidize over time, but can be treated with a sealant to keep your shine, if that is the look you are going for. Steel gutters are another option, which are a very sturdy choice. Steel will need to be painted because it can rust, unless you go with the stainless steel option, which on the downside can also be expensive. Vinyl gutters can be a common option, sold at many local hardware stores, and can be easily installed by the homeowner. Quality vinyl does not rust or corrode, is flexible, and easily replaced. Location is important on these though, they do not stand well in prolonged hot temperatures and heavy rains, so Florida your out! Painted Aluminum is a cost effective and popular material when it comes to gutters. Aluminum can be made seamless, by extruding the material according to any length.

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