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Extreme sun and constant showers could accelerate the color of the roof membrane 2-3 years faster than anticipated; many shingle roofs with typical life spans of 25 to 30 years may seem older before their time due to harsh weather conditions causing premature aging. Typically a 25 year shingle roof, which is standard three tab shingle - its one slate of shingle with three cuts along the exposed half, giving its name the three tab once it is installed. This type of shingle is the highest and thinnest of the asphalt shingle family. Three tabs usually come with a 25 year warranty but once you factor in the extreme weather conditions of Florida you may be ready for a new roof after 18 to 20 years, either from the roof being battered by high winds and rains or the color has faded to the point where aesthetics of the properties may not be up to par with existing homes in the area.

Metal roofs have been known to pass the of time, lasting 50 years or more. They have incredible wind resistance and can withstand the harshest of climates. Metal roofs may be the most expensive of all of the different types of roofs but definitely offer the most life span and durability.

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