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So are you thinking about installing a slate roof for your home? Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

First let's talk about the pros of slate roofing systems. They are known for their beauty, being a natural stone product, it gives the roof a unique look, that many other roofs cannot compare with. They do come in a variety of colors, so don’t think you are stuck with the standard gray, with colors ranging from green, red, purple, black and a mottled tile, which blends several colors together. One of the biggest pros of a slate roof is the longevity of the roof, which can be 100 or even 150 years, if properly installed. That is almost unheard of in the roofing industry, with your standard shingle roof lasting between 15-30 years. Another pro would be their fire resistance, which many other roofing materials do not offer. The slate tiles themselves are completely fireproof, offering a big advantage in combating the effects of wildfire and adjacent house fires. And of course lets not forget that they are environmentally friendly, being that you should not have to replace your roof, for lets say 100 years! A re-roof can easily produce 1 to several tons of waste, depending on the size of the roof.

Ok now for the cons. Slate can be a very complicated material to install. Many roofing contractors do not have the knowledge or experience to complete the job, but will install it anyway. Make sure when and if you do choose to go with a slate roof, that you do your research! Ask for references on other jobs that they have done. Another con would be that even though that slate if a very durable material, especially in weather conditions, they are very fragile when walked on. They can very easily break, which can be expensive to replace, and may not match the original color of the roof. There is a certain way to walk on tiles, so make sure if you have to, for any reason, have someone go onto your roof, that they know what they are doing. Now the next con is kind a pro as well. Of course cost. Slate tiles are the most expensive roofing material, so the initial cost is going to be pricey. But you have to consider the resale value of your home, as well as the longevity of the roof.

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Dec 14, 2021

Homeowners want to protect their homes and increase the longevity of the finishes inside and out. But the most important thing they consider is roof as it's the most essential part of the home. That's why yearly roof repair and maintenance is essential to keep it in a good working condition.

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